Is it going to be possible to import collections?? I worked really hard on mine and I hate to see them reduced to all but excel files. If there is a way to resurrect them then that would be fantastic xx

  • Retro Babes

    Sorry but according to SSENSE we won't be able to get our collections back 😞
    I've heard however that if you shared your collection on Pinterest, you could at least still have the items and reclip them here or wherever else. I personally didn't do that so.... 😢

  • Ugh, I feel your loss! I spent so much time uploading, collecting, and organizing items into collections... Items that were so inspiring to me, and made me excited to use in set making. I wish polyvore gave us time to save them all on a dif platform, so that we cld upload them here. This site is nice, but I feel so bummed I don't have any of my items anymore, I'm not inspired to create. 😞

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