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    Hunters and Gatherers, Unite

    • As things are still a bit chaotic here, I'd thought to make a thread solely for the purpose of spreading awareness of collections and gathered items. In this way, people can more easily find what they're looking for.

      What I had in mind would be people posting what they currently have up and what they're looking for.
      In my case this would be;

      Doll Part Upper
      Doll Legs (Legs for days)
      Doll Part misc
      Doll Arms
      Shadows & Shades
      Frames and Clusters
      Doll Use
      Food and Drink
      Green collection, added on May 18th

      Decorative items, frames, clusters, animals, etc.
      No fashion items.

      Looking for
      Items with a transparent background, including, but not limited to
      -clothing and clothing parts
      -light effects
      -more of what I already added so far

      ( Edit : Updates )

    • EDIT: There's been some issues with my items so go find everything in my collections where I have beautiful items from other people too ^^

      That is a really cool effort! Thank you for this!
      I'm also making collections! My goal is to gather as many alternative items as possible as well as all those different item pngs we had on Polyvore for moodboards etc! My aesthetic is mostly grunge/punk/japanese/tumblr angst and the items are 90% uploaded by me.

      What I have so far (all of my collections are WIP of course but I'm working on them every day):

      1. Shorts
      2. Sweaters
      3. Creepers
      4. Punk items and images (I'm going to rename this collection since it changed direction as I worked on it)
      5. Cute fillers/items (!this needs the most work!)
      6. Text fillers/small graphic fillers
      7. Text message fillers
      8. Cat themed clothing & objects
      9. Folded jeans
      10. Pastel items and images
      11. Grunge clothing and items
      12. Harajuku/otaku/japanese fashion and items
      13. Instagram tags
      14. School items and accessories

      Planning to make:

      1. Manga renders/transparents
      2. Food/Drink items

      Looking for:

      1. Aesthetic images
      2. Pngs for moodboards
      3. Alternative shoes and other clothing items

    • @freezespell You're welcome! Thank you for adding 🙂

    • i still haven't figured out how to make collections on here (cry), but i've started clipping stuff for when i do~ i don't have a whole bunch yet, but i'm probably going to do a bunch tomorrow when i have more time,, i took too long trying to figure out how to clip today lol

      what i have in my clipping queue:

      • pastel aesthetic pics for moodboards
      • japan/kawaii pics for moodboards
      • plant aesthetic pics for moodboards
      • anime aesthetic pics (mix of 90's and modern)

      what i plan to find and clip:

      • grunge/dark/
      • manga pic collection
      • anime renders

      looking for:

      • literally any harajuku fashion (lolita, uchuu kei, fairy kei, gyaru, cult party, mori, etc.)
      • k-fashion
        *manga and anime renders
      • a very specific filter - the 50%-ish opacity white png that we used on poly to make our sets pastel

    • @sweetaesthetic You can make collections this way First go to the item that you clipped and click on the name that you gave it. That will take you to a screen about collections, you can create a name for your collection and then choose that collection for your item Takes a few steps but good for the members to have sources of items for sets. Good luck and let me know if you need additional help.

    • @affton omg thank youuu ❤

    • Thanks for all your hard work....very much appreciated !!!!

    • @myrrael Thanks. I am collecting frames, text and other set embellishments and some shadows . Will start uploading fashion items in the near future.

    • @affton No problem. I hope the thread helps at least a little 🙂

    • @myrrael Me too! I should have said that I am putting these items in collections for all to use.😊

    • @affton I still have to do that with the items I added today, but after combing the internet for 3.5 hours, I kinda didn't have the energy left to put them into the correct collections.
      Anyway, as to not derail the thread with chat... XD
      Good luck! And don't overdo it I did today lol

    • Thank you very much !! -)))

    • Custom background is not rather precise! It would be necessary to improve for more precision.. i Impossible to make a nice collage....

    • I have started a collection with flower and greenery and another one with birds and animals. Feel free to use any items that you want.

    • @affton Awesome thanks!

    • @speakwithstyle Love this,thanks!

    • Apologies, people. I was able to organize some, but not all of my imported items. I think I'll have to try for the rest another time.

    • Hello everybody, I have few collections with shades, frames, arrows, drop shadows, furniture, greenery etc... You can find it under my profile in the "collection" tab and "items" tab! I didn't sort out everything I clipped yet because this actions are very time consuming but I will clip and collect daily. Feel free to use anything you like!

    • Hi! I am also uploading all sorts of items (clothes, plants, food, drinks, random fillers...), feel free to check them out and use anything you like! I've started adding them to collections, but most of them aren't "collected" yet. 🙂
      Also, does anyone know if it is possible to edit collections (i.e. change the title, delete items, or delete a whole collection)? And is the only way to add an item to a collection from the pages of the items one by one? Can't it be done like on polyvore, where you saw all your items and could just check the ones you wanted to add to the collection?

    • I made some collections of items with fully transparent background and will be adding more stuff 😄 Please help yourself to:

      • flowers, plants, greenery
      • water, rain
      • transparent text
      • clouds
      • star effect
      • frames, ornaments, banners

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