not all of my polyvore sets have been imported and it's been 3 days??

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    uh hey

    so i uploaded my zip file of my sets from polyvore quite a while ago. at first my sets were appearing suuper quickly, i had over 500 of them imported onto my profile after a few minutes. but then it seemed to get stuck after my sets from september last year. it's been 3 days and i havent seen any more of my sets appear since. im just wondering if anyone else is waiting for all their sets to appear too? how long it take for you guys to get all your sets back on urstyle?

    x ainsley

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    @sadtrashqueen *did it take, sorry for the typo 😕

  • urstyle is kinda slow at processing things from what i've noticed... maybe wait a bit or message them on twitter?

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    @allie yeah ive noticed that too ! i'm just curious about how long it's been taking for everyone, bc ive seen some people who already have all their old sets uploaded and i need an idea of how long i should expect to wait 😛 im not gonna push the issue too much though, i dont want to give urstyle any more pressure than it probably has already n_n

  • It's been around 24 hours for me, and I have somewhere around 1800-2000 sets or so. If you had a lot, perhaps it would take longer, I don't know. There's another thread around here somewhere, entitled "I'm still waiting" and they are trying to address it there.

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    @blasteryank i had around 611 sets on polyvore and 550 of them have been posted, so im just waiting for about 60. i'll definitely check out the thread you mentioned though, thanks 😄

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    @sadtrashqueen it depends how many people upload there old Sets on the same time like you. Thats really many traffic and the 503 Errors depends on the massive uploads. The others may got a time slot where not so many uploaded and no Error happened.

    For me; i don`t upload my old Polyvore Sets. I have fun in making new Sets 🙂

  • @cglightningart That's odd because I never got an error message. I got a success message, and am still waiting.

  • I ended up with only 70 sets in the beginning out of 700. I tried uploading the zip again and waited on the same page without clicking away too quick this time (Internet connection trouble perhaps? Or overworked page?). Worked fine second time around. If it doesn't work after this maybe ask an admin.

    Hope you figure it out 🙂

  • I never got any message after uploading the zip folder, does this mean it was unsuccessful? This was 4 days ago now, and my old sets never appeared. Did I do something wrong?

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