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    hello all!! any kpop themed set makers...lolita, alt etc

    • hi everyone! i finished uploading my poly profile the other day but havent been active. i used the same username at polyvore for about 7-8 of the 9ish years I was there. I focus a lot on kpop sets and sometimes a doll or decor set. if you do similar sets i would love to follow! i had almost 400 followers and lost all of them so...

    • Hello!!!! I used to be @/princessmax on Polyvore (if you know the OC girl group Star Beam)

    • hey!! i saw your post on twitter from my feed. the name sounds familiar but since i didnt do rp on polyvore i dont recognize the group name.

    • @heeom it's okay. I'm still looking for some of my friends from Polyvore

    • Hi, I'm not sure if we followed each other on poly but I was there mainly as a kpopper for over 6 years or so. 🙂

    • Hey! It sucks how many years work and how many followers you lost... 😞

      I was on Polyvore for about 5 years and I had only just finished a number of KPop (all BTS themed) sets with more sets for different groups in planning.

    • Hi guys. Caddow here. Missed my fellow polyans so much for the past days you have no idea. Really hurt my soul. Hopefully we'll get the kpop community up and running again soon.

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