Magazine-style layouts -- anyone wanna give me a tutorial?

  • I never got the hang of fashion sets on PV. Does anyone want to attempt to explain to me how to make a good magazine-style fashion set? I still see them, but I can't quite figure out how to look at the blank space and fill it with embellishments the right way, or how to arrange the clothes, shoes, etc. (Now you see why I stuck with art sets)


    @scarslookgood .....start simple. Remember...."Every Artist was first an amateur". All of us from PV feel out of practice here and a little rusty..... I am sure.
    Start with a article of a dress. Then add a bag and shoes or a piece of jewelry. Practice....... and take baby will eventually get the hang of it. We all support each other here !!! Best Wishes Dear !!!

  • when i first got into polyvore - i never made fashion sets, i strictly made art sets only. and then i got into certain types of fashion sets ( like back before magazine sets were even a thing lol ) and now i do both 🙂 there's really no wrong way to do it, it's whatever you think looks good / whatever you like. but magazine sets typically use newsprint backgrounds, lots of pictures w the same color theme, and a lot of fillers. the gps wheel is really really common, and so is the repeating text items. if you have those, youll do fine ! i started just by looking at other peoples sets and tentatively copying the layout until i got the hang of it enough to put my own spin/twist on it ~

  • I feel you. at first, I had been making very generic magazine sets with no distinguishable feature. but later I sort of developed my own style. my characteristic features were: neutral colors, lots and lots of handwritten text as background, pictures of small items used as fillers (packs of cigarettes, perfume, decor, tea cups etc), and the fact that I used a really small space in my set for the outfit (my magazine sets were basically art sets with a small outfit somewhere in the corner). here, on urstyle, my sets are a little bit less characteristic because I'm not yet used to the website. but it's not that difficult; just try many options, copy from other people, until you find something that works for you.

    oh and one important trick - always start with an empty square frame and then put text, pictures etc inside to fill the frame. when the set is done, delete the frame. that's how you get a perfectly square set.

    my polyvore sets as examples: here, here, and here
    my urstyle sets: here, here

  • my best recommendation is to learn from magazines related to fashion and interior design, they all have curious design patterns and you could form a mix of all those templates to use it as your own

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