Item Uploaders, Pls "Raise Your Hand"!

  • Those that clip & upload items for art sets (and clothing for dolls etc) It'd be awesome if u cld say hello here so that I/we can follow you! 😄 As an ex-polyvorian, I'm so heartbroken & lost w/o my collections & items, & need to start again from ground 0 😕
    Also, hello any old polyvore friends/followers 🙂 - My username & profile pic is the same, & I've uploaded my old pv sets if anyone wants to keep viewing them.

  • I am uploading lots of content - please feel free to use my collections! So good to see my poly family here 🙂

  • Art Expression

    I made a thread exactly for finding out who is uploading what and making which collections 🙂

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  • Hi! I am also uploading all sorts of items (clothes, plants, food, drinks, random fillers...), feel free to check them out and use anything you like! I've started adding them to collections, but most of them aren't "collected" yet. 🙂
    Also, does anyone know if it is possible to edit collections (i.e. change the title, delete items, or delete a whole collection)? And is the only way to add an item to a collection from the pages of the items one by one? Can't it be done like on polyvore, where you saw all your items and could just check the ones you wanted to add to the collection?

  • Magazine Look

    I made some collections of items with fully transparent background and will be adding more stuff 😄 Please help yourself to:

    • flowers, plants, greenery
    • water, rain
    • transparent text
    • clouds
    • star effect
    • frames, ornaments, banners

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