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    • Hi there, is there anyone else still having a problem with comments?!!! No one can comment on my sets anymore???

    • In my opinion, the site is simply overloaded because polyvorers download too much 🙂

    • no possibility to comment any set

    • @aaliyahjh
      Me too.

    • Polyvory users

      I can't publish or comment either...just msg. It would be ideal if I could save my sets after working on them for awhile to only have them not post nor save. I'm patiently awaiting the save draft function while we also await all the other great things to come in the future with this inviting site.
      Right now, there are too many uploads and imports that are happening all at once as well as all of us new users joining....Patience is key...and try not to upload any more old sets right now. Let's work on new inspirations and post our old sets to Pinterest for now at least.
      Cheers to the days ahead Pals. 😘

    • cant comment and keep disliking sets, too... so I spend my time with uploading new items and pics. Which worked pretty good and fast today. Oh, but I cant crop any items when creting a set. Only on my phone. But there I have no control over sizes and the final impression. But I`m getting there - eventually 😉

    • Polyvory users

      @jbonearth yes working from a mobile device is not very user-friendly on my end either. I had to edit my first set on my laptop to FIX it. Fingers crossed for the traffic to ease up a bit in the coming days so we can share our new inspirations with each other. 👌

    • @luckied99 Totally agree with you, I decided not to upload my sets for now! The important thing is I have them on my pc! I prefer to create new sets and wait! After all my internet is too slow these days! YESSS>>>>
      Cheers to the days ahead 😘😘😘

    • Yes....I accidentally sent a friend a comment and it repeated about 20 times..... and I am not able to delete them lol !!!!!

    • @shoaleh-nia yes, me too, as others mentioned, probably because of the many uploads, but I will be patient, they work so hard 🙂 it is a pity, but I'm sure they will work it out, but it is always good to mention dear 🙂

    • @luckied99 Yes, it's still not user-friendly for MacBook using Safari. I have to open in a New Private Window to see the items, every time I go on... and then I have to sign in again. They are trying hard, but it is frustrating. I eventually got a set started, but couldn't save the draft; so now it's gone !!! 😕

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