New ideas for Urstyle:

  • Hey guys! So i know UrStyle won't be exactly like Polyvore (Which is completely understandable) but I think I have some ideas on what this site could use 🙂 (Also, if you guys have any ideas, feel free to comment as well! Hopefully the creators will see this c:)

    1. Saving a set. While I was out uploading pictures, I was also making a set. But after the picture uploaded, I had to refresh the page because it wasn't showing up and I had to re-do my set. (Unless I was missing the save button? :P)

    2. Set descriptions. One of my absolute favourite things to do in Poly was to make a set description, basically communicating about my day or what have you, to my followers. 🙂 It'd be cool to have that on here. 😄

    3. Item organizing. Now I myself don't usually have a lot of items, but I know a lot of people usually do, so maybe a tool to help those with lots of images to organize them by name/colour, etc.

    That's all I have for now (At least the major ones...:P) Like I said, if anyone else has any more ideas, feel free to comment down below. 🙂

  • all the yeses for having descriptions on sets! i used my descriptions on poly like a diary and it was a nice way to communicate & get to know your followers~

    being able to tag users in the descriptions would also be neat, since everyone loved doing those questionnaire thingies (ya know the ones? idk the proper name for it lol) and having taglists.

    i'd also really like a feed for just users i'm following, separate from the main "outfits & sets" feed. i feel like as more people become active here, it'll get really busy in the main feed and make finding your friends' sets harder.

    other than those things i really like it here ❤ i looove that there's a forum on here~

  • @sweetaesthetic I knew I forgot something! (The tagging I mean) It's been a long day so bear with me XD And I know which questionnaires you mean (Even though I never did them, but I loved being tagged and them and getting to know my followers 🙂 (In a non-creepy way, lol.)

    And for me personally I don't mind seeing other people's sets as well, however, it would be nice to also see my friends' sets as well, so it'd be cool o have like another tab that's just for the people you follow. 🙂

  • @kaykaylovesgaga ooh yes yes!! i was having a hard time phrasing the separate tabs thing, but what you said is exactly what i meant lol.

    totally not creepy tho :0 it's great when you can find someone who likes similar things or has a similar hobby through tags and descriptions~ especially when you have particularly niche interests. it's also fun to try new things after finding out about it through someone you follow.

  • ⍙ IN THE RUINS ⍙

    @kaykaylovesgaga yes to all of these I really miss having groups I would love to see urstyle have groups added

  • 😉 You duplicate topic like me - will be easy and faster to admin to see your proposals here:

  • You should add the button like Polyvore had, so we can easily upload stuff and pictures from other sites.
    I also miss all the art stuff Poly had, like pictures, paintings, drawings... I really miss all the fillers we had :(( I can't make sets without that artistic part.

  • Tell this to the URStyle Staff!! It can also use an app for the Mobile Devices..

  • @joktojotta Sorry for duplicating the topic, I didn't mean to. 😞 I'm still a newbie here so I didn't see your topic yet :3 Now I know to read other people's forums before I make one 😛 Sorry again ❤

  • @kaykaylovesgaga do not sorry me , I do this mistake too 😉 it should be here a searching engine 😉

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