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    So taking a moment out from working on my profile and fixing collections to just say a few words. I have spent the last week and a half looking through different sites that were similar to Polyvore and none of them just felt right. There was always something that just annoyed me about the site and I would go off searching again. URSTYLE just randomally popped up in my Instagram feed and I started checking it out and honestly just fell in love. It felt like a new home, different enough to be new but the similar enough to not make me freak out. I want to make a big thank you to the owners for this. I write, for me Polyvore was another step in character development and since it closed down that step missing had messed majorly with my writing ability. I had been on Polyvore for almost 8 or 9 years and I hadn't realized how much I needed to be able to create a look for a character in order to understand them more.

    The simple process of uploading my old profiles to URSTYLE set something inside me at ease and I am excited to see which old friends come around. I love looking at other people's creations and seeing the pretty clothes that pop up. I'm even more excited to see what URSTYLE has in store in the future and am so happy to simply have a new home for an important part of my writing process.

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