How to Post to tumblr? (ideally as a draft)

  • Hiya! I'm new to this site (im one of im sure many that found it after polyvore went) I was just wondering how do i share a post to tumblr? (ideally as a draft) like it was with polyvore? I know that there is a share button underneath the sets but i dont know what to even do with that code to make it into a post. Help please!

  • Unfortunately the only way I found was to take a screenshot of the set, crop it if needed and then go to Tumblr and share it

  • @riagr Ah, really? Thats a shame...Thank you anyway I wouldn't have thought to have done that! Hope they come up with a better way of doing it soon as i liked having links to the individual items. thanks again xxx

    *** Edit *** If you right click on your set you can save it as an image xx

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