How to delete items?

  • I believe there is no option to delete or edit an item once uploaded yet. I already asked @admin the same question in another topic and didn't receive an answer

  • @riagr really? that's kind of annoying. can't we least arrange them? i accidentally double added a picture for my moodboards and perfectionist me is reeeeeally going ocd over how it ruined my theme hahaha

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    I also asked admin about deleting items once we don't need them and where those items go when we download them. As I got answer back it seems those items don't go on one place like polyvore had but they stay in "items" tab of each member. I asked when items go when we download them because if we get delete option one day I want items to be available to other members even if I delete them from my profile (items tab). Also I want to find them again if I would need them for some other set in the future. Admin said that community will decide if items will be available to share when we delete them. I don't know what that mean exactly but bottom line is you can't delete items and you can try to organize them in collection. You will have to remember which members have items you need...

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