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    • Can get a picture from pintrest saved and use on URSTYLE? If so, how. I am getting lost using URSTLYlE. This is such a great community.

    • U r right about the community but I think this might help u
      go to ur profile page and hit the items tag as pictured
      then click add items
      before then u must go to the pic make sure u click pic so that it is the only pic like if on pinterest find the item click so that it goes to the next pinterest page right click it click save image location, click image address or click image link or location etc
      come back to urstyle click add items
      paste into URL space hit send
      refresh ur page and item should show up

    • Doesn't work. Urstyle people really need to look into compatibility issues. This may be a problem with adding items

    • Also we really need an option to UPLOAD

    • Mayb I should have added I am using windows 10 desktop this works with this, I'm not sure what u r using. I have tons of items that I have uploaded.

    • @profashional , for me it worked with a Mac. Go to Pinterest, right click on the photo, copy image address, go to your profile, click on your items tab, add item, paste the image address, descripe your item, save, than refresh your page and it should be there 😃👍

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