Lines around cropped items

  • Does anyone know how you can get rid of the fine lines around cropped items? These are not frames around an item because it also appears when you have cropped the item within the white space around it. Thanks!

  • Hi dear 🙂 It seems that when you crop with pen tool, there are no lines 🙂 However, cropping with pen tool can be difficult as you must hold the button pressed the entire time until you make a finite shape 😕 The square tool is actually just a straight line tool and it seems easier for cropping, but lines are left in places where you use it, I don't know why... The site definitely needs improvements, but we must be patient. There's a lot on their hands right now - it took Polyvore 11 years to be as functional, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing as it was... Have a lovely day! 😘

  • @vn1ta Thank you so much! I didn't know how to use the pen tool, it always cleared out everything! Will try it in the next set. Yes, patience is at place here, love to see how it will improve. Have a lovely day to! xxx

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