Gaia Stone's Family // Shoutout

  • Go join one or both of these great groups, where you can compete alongside my character, Gaia Stone!

    Group: The Selection - The King
    Mod: @archergirl2

    Group: The Selection Battle Group - Prince Noah
    Mods: @astrology-chic & @inviting-oblivion


    Top-to-Bottom, Left-to-Right:

    1. Gaia's mom, Astrid Persephone Stone (portrayed by Cheryl Texiera), who was 26 when she was killed in a house fire.

    2. A photo portraying the house fire that killed Gaia's mom and sister.

    3. The song that Gaia sang to her dad while he was dying.

    4. Gaia's dad, Desmond Simeon Stone (portrayed by James Wolk), who was 25 when he died from cancer.

    5. Gaia's grandmother and Astrid's mom, Tessa Penelope Mirren (portrayed by Lynda Bellingham), aka Grandmama Tess.

    6. Gaia's little sister, Leda Cassiopeia Stone (portrayed by Mia Talerico), who was 2 when she was killed in a house fire.

    7. Gaia Morgana Stone (portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter), aged 17.

    8. The small living room-turned-bedroom where Desmond died.

    9. A casket to represent either Elias' or Astrid's funeral.

    10. Gaia's cousin and her uncle's partner's biological daughter, Catalina Violet Fleetwood (portrayed by Amandla Stenberg), aged 13.

    11. Gaia's cousin and her uncle and his partner's adopted son, Tobias Lysander Mirren-Fleetwood (portrayed by Davis Cleveland), aged 12.

    12. Gaia's grandfather and Astrid's dad, Elias James Mirren (portrayed by Rutger Hauer), aka Grandaddy Elias. He died from a heart attack at age 67, only a week after the Selected were announced.

    13. Gaia's uncle's partner, Wethersbee Granger Fleetwood (portrayed by David Duchovny), aka Uncle Webb. He is 37 and works as a film director.

    14. A girl playing the guitar because Gaia plays the guitar

    15. A portrayal of Gaia writing and playing music

    16. Gaia's uncle and Astrid's brother, Jasper Elias Mirren (portrayed by Jamie Bamber), aka Uncle Jasper. He is 34 and works as a creative writing professor.

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