leave a mark, a mark worth leaving//what's self worth? the moment's fleeting [FA]


    The sand runs through your fingers
    It's gone but a feeling lingers
    (Sleep Paralysis ~ Bad Suns)

    Home for the week for spring break! Traded in the mountains for some nice New England fog for the time being, but I'll be heading back this weekend. 😕 The break is nice, though.

    But a Yumi set, at the beach, that's not for CC? Katie...What are you doing??? Aahh I just really wanted to use Yumi for this character, but some place in my heart, she'll always be Bam, which probably explains a lot of this haha

    So what is this for? deep sigh of regret Fanfic. It's for fanfic. I don't think anyone's gonna read it, but I worked a whole bunch on it and wanted to post it somewhere? Feel free to totally ignore this because WOW orz I'm sorry @ everyone. Please leave your expectations at the door. (Am I being deliberately vague about this because I'm embarrassed? Hmm...maybe...)

    This whole thing used to be written up in a word processing program that allowed me a lot more freedom and choice with formatting, so trying to figure out how to transfer this is gonna be rough. There were also a lot of spoilers in the bio for later on in the story, so I'm trying to edit it and stuff. Bear with me here.

    Name: Harugami Hotaru
    Rank: Karakura High School student (first year)
    Birthday: September 27th, currently 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human (...probably)
    Blood type: O
    Height: 1.65 m/5'5"
    Distinguishing features: None? Like she’s a little taller than average, but

    General: Hotaru is a girl of few words. She isn’t terribly shy, but she does have a hard time interacting with new people. Because of her quiet demeanor, a lot of her peers have deemed her an ice queen who thinks she’s too good for them. In reality, she’s just very introspective and incredibly caring. However, her fear of hurting people means she refuses to tell others when she’s hurting…which has the unfortunate side-effect of them seeing right through her stepford smiles and worrying even more about her. Her nature means she only has a few close friends and she’s very close with her gran. At the same time, Hotaru has a sneaky way of teasing those she's actually friends with - particularly Ichigo, because he's the only one she trusts to never take it seriously. If she teases someone, that means she’s close with them. Given that she doesn’t have many friends and lives a pretty isolated life, she spends a lot of time studying and is one of the top students in her year. When in battle, Hotaru shows great resolve and doesn’t make rash decisions. She also cannot be raised by taunts and is good at forming various strategies.

    Likes: the first rains of spring, the colors red, mint and plum, studying poetry, quiet days for reading, reading the papers with her gran, orchestral music, calligraphy pens, practices with gran, making Ichigo blush, walking home with friends, skirts that swoosh
    Dislikes: swallowing pills, burning her food, purposefully ambiguous answers, people threatening those she cares about, being belittled, lying (particularly if she's the one doing the lying), when people refuse to tell her what's wrong

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