as clever as the devil and twice as pretty

  • this is SUCH an awesome challenge and i seriously wish this were an actual rp because it would be fan-freaking-tastic.

    so. i was dead-set on doing a rose because it's my favorite flower and it's my middle name and they are SO pretty and colorful, but once i started, i couldn't come up with an interesting enough character. so then i thought, "why not do a poisonous flower?" and lo and behold, here's foxglove!

    basically, modern medications derived from plants is something that's always interested me. like, besides the obvious of heroine deriving from poppies, there's atropine from belladonna, aspirin and paclitaxel (a chemotherapy agent) both come from trees, and another chemo comes from a deep sea sponge, but i can't remember the name of it at the moment. anywho, without trying to get too geeky, foxglove is one of my favorite ~medicinal~ plants because it's also where digoxin, a drug used to treat a. fib, is derived from! and it also happens to be highly toxic. pretty neat, huh?

    anyways, samira is what happens when you finish reading 'six of crows,' watch 'spectre' and wonder what a modern-day assassin who could also easily be a witch would be like.


    — 24 years old
    — Female
    — Whatever her job needs her to be
    — The slums of London
    — Shanina Shaik

    — Mercenary/assassin-for-hire to the highest bidder, with witchy tendencies, but if you ever ask her, she'll say "holistic healer"
    — Although her life mainly revolves around her job, she does have a few hobbies such as reading books (mostly historical novels, but she'll take whatever she can get her hands on), collecting guns, getting her fortune told, astrology, buying expensive clothes, practicing light & dark magic, traveling to foreign countries for her "job", crystal mysticism, studying herbs, & eating food (roll your eyes all you want, but she's definitely quite the foodie).

    Botanical Inspiration
    — Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)
    Region of Origin
    — Originated from Western Europe, but have been naturalized in North America and Western Asia.
    — Foxgloves have both a positive and negative symbolic meaning. They are said to sometimes hurt and sometimes heal, and are often said to "raise the dead and kill the living." In the language of flowers, they are associated with insincerity. Foxgloves are highly cardiotoxic, yet if refined correctly, the digitalis poison can be made into Digoxin, a cardiac glycoside used to treat atrial fibrilation. Foxgloves also have a long history with fairy folklore and witchcraft, and have been called "Witch's Gloves," "Fairy Gloves", and "Folk's Gloves."

    — Samira is a master of disguise, and has spent many years hiding her emotions. It's impossible to predict what she's thinking, unless she wants you to know. She keeps few friends, has no interest in love or romance, and can never settle down for too long. She's lethal and deadly and born to kill. Death doesn't bother her, in fact, hardly anything does because she's adaptable. Samira's mind runs a thousand miles a minute, and she's always thinking three steps ahead. She can get herself out of almost any tricky situation, and usually has a plan A, B, C....and Z to help her do so. She's not one to get too attached to anyone or anything in particular and she's always focused on the job at hand. She isn't very sentimental (she doesn't even have a favorite color!), and when she moves from place to place, she essentially starts new. She finds joy in assassinating bad people and saving the lives of good people with her ~magical talents~.

    — Samira doesn't remember much about her early life (and honestly, she doesn't care, either). She was born to a mother who favored drugs and alcohol over her daughter, and spent the better part of her childhood moving from place to place across Europe, much like the foxglove. The one thing that Samira kept consistent in her life was her interest in magic. She kept this talent hidden, because as her mother would say, "people fear a girl with a love of the darkness." Her mother's words would stick with her for a long time, far longer than her mother ever did, and when Samira became desperate for money as she lived in the slums of London, she turned to the two things she knew well: darkness and fear. It started with an odd job here or there; the mysterious poisoning for a drug lord, a slit of the neck for a corrupted dignitary...and soon enough, Samira began to adopt the identity of 'The Fox'. She was an elusive mercenary, unable to ever be caught, that traveled across the globe and who could be employed to the highest bidder. With the help of poisons (her weapon of choice), the occasional fatal knife wound, and mysterious magic spells, Samira became the embodiment of fear. She works alone, adopting new personas every few years, and lives a life of luxury from the blood money she's collected (her expertise doesn't come cheap). Lately, Samira has taken to another interest to offset the massive amounts of death that plague her daily life and darken her soul. She's sold her services as a "holistic healer" of sorts, who owns and operates a small herbal shop in London. Nestled between corporate mega stores and big-name bankers, Samira's little shop of magic remains relatively unknown except to those who know to look for it. There, she sells herbs and mysterious elixirs that can heal any ailment from headaches to heartaches. And if someone asks nicely, she may even use her magic to help someone in need (on more than one occasion, she's whisked a desperate patron to the back of her shop, where she's proceeded to save several lives). Now, Samira lives a life that delicately balances on the edge between saving people and making them suffer.

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