I Am A Good Girl|| Burlesque audition

  • ❤ audition❤
    name: Emily Elizabeth Brooks
    age: 27
    hometown: Maryland
    job:dancer and singer
    bio:Emily was born in a small family that didn't have a lot of money. She would hate watching her parents fighting to get a small bread to eat so every time she could, she would tell her parents that when she would grow up she would help them. As she got older she would look for jobs but was a bit impossible for her to find. She was a very talented girl growing up. She was really good at singing and dancing and had a really good body so when she heard about the Orchid Lounge, at the age of nineteen, she decided to become a dancer. She would get somewhat a lot of money because of the tip guys gave her but she wouldn't sleep around with anyone. She met her husband there and had a child together but when everything was going pretty well she found out he was cheating on her. She went a bit crazy and psy.chopathic about it and decided to ki.ll him and make him pay for what he did. She acted as if he had committed suici.de and til this day no one knows about what she did.
    secret: Has ki,lled her husband after finding out he had cheated on her. She pretended it was sui.cide.
    She was bulimic and anorexic
    other: Has dated some girls before
    model:Jennifer Love Hewitt

    ❤ audition❤
    name: Dylan Matthews
    age: 23
    hometown: England
    job: Dancer and bartender
    bio: Dylan was involved in dancing since little. His parents would get him involved in all kind of dances. When he grew up his parents decided to take a bigger step and taking him to New York so that maybe he could find a way to dance in Broadway. But he only got one gig on his life. Usually he would be considered good but not that good. When he turned 21 he found out about Orchid Lounge and took the offer of becoming a bartender. But after his boss watched him dance she decided to make him a dancer as well.
    secret: He is sick, had tuberculosis. He used to smoke a lot and also got HIV because of his ex-girlfriend (the reason of why he is more into guys) and it activated his sickness.
    other: He is gay
    model: Mitch Hewer

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