lennon audrey relationships - the 100

  • please comment if you have any relationship ideas with your character and lennon!


    // 18 years old // played by Brigitte Bardot //

    • P E R S O N A L I T Y -
      very kind and sweet, but she can be extremely stubborn if you try and make her do something she's not for. she's a people person, but animals are her number 1.

    • B I O G R A P H Y -
      lennon's father is a respected scholar and educator on the ark, and her mother is a cook. she grew up relatively unsupervised and was known ark-wide for taking care of the station's small population of stray cats (which are allowed on the ark as long as they catch vermin).

    lennon had many friends on the ark because of her sweet demeanor. so it was a huge surprise when she ended up in jail at the age of 17. she had tried to save a cat from the boot of an angry guard– this intervention had cost her her freedom.

    • T A L E N T S -
      sketching, painting, lock picking, animal-friending. she has quite an extensive knowledge of earth from her father, who has studied every text on the ark.

    collection of lennon sets : http://www.polyvore.com/100_battle_sets/collection?id=5108337

    group link: http://www.polyvore.com/100_battle_group/group.show?id=200105

    • R E L A T I O N S H I P S -

    Victoria Milers | @.mikaelsonlegacy : acquaintances at first, but if Lennon can avoid pissing her off theres a good chance of them becoming great friends

    Mika James | @.death0fabachel0rette : they've been best friends since birth. their personalities complement each other perfectly. Lennon was there for Mika when her mother was floated and they shared a strong passion for changing the future of the ark before they got arrested.

    Eleanor Waye | @.btwfoxes : they get along brilliantly. Eleanor is always there for Lennon with medical advice, and they love sketching together.

    Athena Kane | @.moo-moo416 : Lennon and Athena are friends because she won't judge Athena for who her father is. They are polar opposites personality-wise.

    Alonso Edwards | @.ariana-ainsworth : they have completely different ideas for the future of 100. Lennon wants the wristbands, he doesn't, etc. Alo tries to charm her but Lennon still dislikes him.

    Daring Channing | @.fire-to-the-skies : they were acquaintances on the ark, but on Earth they teamed up to become leaders together.

    Tony Saltzman | @.viennemoore : they get along well, and Lennon relies on Tony's medical skills.

    Danielle Kennedy | @.graceeliza21 : they're good friends because of the balance their personalities create. Danielle's logical when Lennon's emotional. Danielle doesn't try to compete with Lennon for leadership– instead, she's always there in the background to lend a hand.

    Celia (Lia) Mae Carter | @.from-the-garden: Lennon and Lia's fathers both worked in the Archives, and their mothers were both cooks. Lennon used to see Lia whenever she visited her father at work. After Lia's father died, Lennon began to see her more and more often, but with bruises on her arms. The day Lennon was going to ask her about it, Lia didn't show. She later found out Lia had been arrested for killing her stepfather. Because of these experiences, Lennon is more understanding of Lia and wants to try and befriend her.

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