Round 13|| A proposal|| The selection~ Disney version

  • Requirements
    (X) Have a picture of you
    (X) Have a picture of Bentley
    (X) Have a picture of the winner, Madison
    (X) Have a crown or something that would represent you

    -How did Bentley tell you that you were going to be sent home
    -How did you feel
    -How did you act
    -How'd you react knowing that the winner was Madison

    As usual I would have my midnight coffee before I could go to sleep because it wouldn't affect as it did to others. I saw how Bentley was on the kitchen and he was eating cereal.
    "Hi Bentley" I said to him as I grabbed my cappuccino mug and sat next to him.
    "Hi" he said. I could feel him a little bit strange so as I got myself the coffee I asked him. "Are you ok? You seem a little low."
    "Yes, I'm just a bit tired of this contest already. There's so many great girls but I do know who I like already" he said.
    I nodded as I listened.
    "So who is it?" I asked
    "Madison" he whispered. I bit my lip trying to scream 'I knew it' but just looked at him with a smile.
    "well you can still pick her. You guys make a cute couple. I totally ship you two" then I replied.
    "Ship?" he laughed.
    "Isn't that what they say these days?" I asked.
    "yeah" he said and then raised and eye brow "Dude, you just sounded like my mother"
    I laughed and hit him softly in the arm. "I did not"
    We continued talking about them all night. I knew I was going to be sent home the next day but I didn't mind. I really did like those two being together and though Maddy and I weren't that close I think he made a good decision with her and I just wished all happiness for those two.
    "Well once you get married I want to be like the bridesmaid or something. Wait I know your sister is taking that role so I want to be the man of honor"
    He laughed and nodded
    "ok, deal. You are a really good friend Ef and really weird,too"
    I pretended to be in pain once he sent me to friendzone.
    "You hit me right in the kokoro" I laughed pressing my heart. "I'm just playing with you. I know. I'm awesome" I laughed.

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