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  • Full Name: Sebastian Ezekiel Jameson Maurer
    Nicknames: Seb
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Pan
    Face Claim: Jamie Wise
    Popular?: A little.
    Ask.Fm Account: sebthefirst

    Small Bio: Seb grew up with four different parents, eight siblings (all half or step), and a boatload of cousins. He is the epitome of big, tangled, confusing families. He's also the youngest.
    From a young age, Seb was spoiled by everyone he met. He was charming, charismatic, flirty, and playful. He didn't care about the serious things, and just liked to play around and enjoy himself.
    Then, in ninth grade, he took it too far. He got seriously drunk, and took his parents' car for a drunk ride. After crashing into a tree, nearly dying, and recovering, he was sent to live with his great aunt Griselda. He's been in Asheville ever since.

    School Life: Sebastian has friends, and he's well known in his circles, but his social life is still on the limited side. He jumps from one group to another, but he never stays for long. Academically, he's a B straight student that doesn't care for thoughts of his future.

    Personality: Playful, charismatic, charming, happy, peppy, upbeat, doesn't know when to stop, doesn't deal well with serious things, self-conscious about his body and scars.

    Likes- Shakespeare, the smell of old books, weird indie music, music in languages he doesn't speak, playing guitar, attention, being front and center onstage
    Dislikes- Fragile things, "Our Town", locked doors, large bodies of water, dry cereal, taking medicines of any sort

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