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  • This set is a disaster.

    (insta famous // art student // illustrator)
    -- A Brooklyn native, Angela achieved internet fame after posting her art (and coincidentally face) on several social media outlets, but mainly Instagram. Lately she is been given more recognition for her face and body and less for her artistic talents and because of that she is slowly beginning to dislike social media.
    FC: Gigi Hadid

    -- family --

    PATRICIA ROLLINGS (formerly Owens), 53
    (photographer // mother)
    -- A semi-famous photographer, Patricia did tons of photoshoots back in her younger days and has met and made friends with several models and fashion designers. She is the reason why Angela is so invested in the world of art and despite wanting for her daughter to go through the photographer's route, she still supports her daughter's ambition and is her biggest cheerleader.
    FC: Michelle Pfeiffer

    LIAM OWENS, 56
    (dentist // father)
    -- Angela's father has never really been fully present throughout her childhood and teenage years, but that's why he has been making short appearances as of late. He and her mother got divorced due to his newly discovered sexuality and since then he has been notorious on the gay scene and even released a memoir in which Angela did several illustrations. Both of her parents get along fine, but tension ensues when Liam begins talking about his many, many partners.
    FC: John Travolta

    (law student // sister)
    -- Despite having a keen photographer's eye, Willa had no intentions whatsoever to pursue a career in the world of art. Instead, she took photography as a hobby and snaps several pictures every now and then. She and Angela are incredibly close and spend tons of time together. Willa was one of the first people Angela confided about her sexuality and since that day has had her sister's full love and support.
    FC: Karlie Kloss

    -- others --

    (college student // political activist // roommate - bff)
    -- These two met when Angela found Lana's add on Craig's List. Soon the two of them became roommates and learnt about their several mutual friends and ex -- Sarah Everett aka Ravioli. Nevertheless, these two hit it off somehow, despite being polar opposites and Lana's constant neurotic behavior. Ambitious and as Angela likes to call it 'dangerously gay', Lana is a political activist and wants to become the first lesbian president of the United States of America.
    FC: Kendall Jenner

    (insta famous // brooklyn hipster // musician // love interest)
    -- They met at the coffee shop Angela held one of her many galleries. The two of them hit it off right away and stayed in touch for several months before becoming more and more close as of late. Both born and raised in Brooklyn they bonded over their love for art and music and had long conversations that only happen in indie movies. They are both incredibly attracted to one another, but none of them are really doing anything about that.
    FC: Oscar Isaac

    -- ugh --
    SARAH EVERETT aka Ravioli, 24
    (indie musician // insta famous // ex-girlfriend)
    -- Angela's first girlfriend and once upon a time everything. She loved Sarah with all her heart and dedicated a good portion of her work on her and even created a character inspired by her for her short comic. Their break up was disastrous and now neither of them want to see eye to eye.
    FC: Joan Smalls

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