Upper east kids|| audition

  • name (nick names?); Matthew Nichols "Matt or Nick"
    age; 18
    grade; Senior
    face claim; Dylan O'brien

    personality (can be bullet points); Matthew is a really KIND- HEARTED guy who always try do good for others. He tries not to see the negative things and tries to always be POSITIVE. He is LOYAL to his friends and will always stand up for them. And though he likes to HELP others he has a bad side of him as well. He is really STINGY with himself and with others and doesn't really give out his money easily. He is really STUBBORN and PROUD soo it's kind of a waist of time to fight with him. He is really SHORT-TEMPERED and gets angry really easily and from really small things. He is a SARCASTIC and he will reply to you with sarcasm if he hears something dumb. But he is really CARING and PROTECTIVE.

    person life; Matt was born a warm December day from his parents: Jennifer and Mark. His parents were always there for him, specially his mom who was a housewife. When he was six, he got the news that he had a sister which made him be really happy. He tried to be the perfect brother to her and would always watch out and take care of her. Her mom and dad were really happy for them. But like any siblings, they would fight a lot and about silly things. But after all everything was good for Matt. When he was 17, he decided to work at a daycare that his aunt ran because he loves kids. He is now not just studying but working on something he loves.

    three big secrets;

    • He beat someone until taking him to the hospital for messing with his sister.
    • He kissed his girlfriend's best friend. They were practicing for a play and they had a kissing scene but they kind of got really 'involved' in the scene, almost hooking up.
    • He knows his dad is having an affair with his assistant.

    tag me once you are finished with the audition
    @/w-r3ckingb4ll @/beautifvll

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