What about Tomorrow|| Audition

  • Ω the basics aspects Ω
    | full name | Emily Rachel
    | nicknames | Emily or Em
    | age | 26
    | birthday + sign | February 14, aquarius
    | nationality | American
    | sexual orientation | Straight
    | relationship status | widow
    | human or inhuman survivor, or soldier | Human
    | powers [if you have some] | n/a
    | face claim | Brittany Snow
    |Role of character |THE MOTHER

    Ω background | & family information aspect Ω
    | biography | Emily was born in a small middle class family of three kids: Her Brother Thomas and her sister Briana. Her dad and mom: Claire and John, had really small jobs that didn't really help them economically. Her mom was a nutritionist while her dad was a mechanic. She didn't really have an easy life but at least the love for her family didn't fade away. Her parents would always try to teach them well and take their own decisions. Which is why Emily stayed a human.

    When she was 19 everything was still ok for her. Until she met her future husband. There wasn't such thing like omegas when she 19 and she was still studying in school. She then met Bryan, the guy who she would fall in love and get married with but she didn't know that at first. She, at first, hated the guy and didn't want to do anything to do with him but when the teacher assigned them to be partners in a school project she noticed they were pretty a like. They started dating a few months until she pregnant at the age of 23. That when they decided to get married. At first they would be the two of them and their baby against every zombie and soldier. But one day everything changed.

    Emily still lived with her parents and Bryan because his parents had died a few years before because of a soldier. The first ones Emily had lost was her parents and siblings. They were going out to look for a place to be safe from what was happening but they never came back. Emily was devastated of loosing everyone she loved but still had Bryan. She was sad she lost her family but she was going to create a new one. Everything was going well until some solders found them. Bryan told her to hide with Melanie, their baby, and he would do something. The soldiers had killed him and Emily lost the only man she loved. She wishes she could take revenge for him but she still weak. But she still protects the ones she loves. She knows her parents died but is not sure about her brother and sister so she is still looking for them.
    | family name | The Rachel's family
    | parents | James and Denise (both deceased)
    | siblings | Thomas ,Briana (deceased? she is not sure and is looking for her)
    | birthplace | Maryland

    Ω appearance aspect Ω
    | height | 5'4
    | physical build | slim
    | hair color | blonde
    | eye color | Blue
    | tattoos | n/a
    | scars | on her forehead. her hair covers it up. She got it after she got hit in the head
    | piercings | ears
    | birthmarks | n/a
    | style | [boho, gothic, casual, etc] Casual

    Ω personality aspect Ω
    | personality | Caring, protective, kind, short-tempered, moody, funny, motherly kind, respectful, honest, manipulative, moody
    | quirks & habits | Plays with her hair when she is nervous. Acts all motherly even when she doesn't know the person so well.
    | redeeming qualities | kindhearted, protective, is like a mother and would do anything for anyone.
    | fatal flaws | she gets angry at stuff to easily, likes stuff to go her way, doesn't say no and doesn't accept it either.
    | likes | kids, water, sleeping, her baby, taking care of kids, dark colors, music, the sun
    | dislikes | zombies, omegas, heights, darkness, small closed places, people being rude to her, sports, scary movies, violence
    | pet peeves | People not being polite or respectful, people not respecting her opinion

    • She killed a soldier that killed her husband, for revenge.
    • She actually got pregnant at the age of 15 but she end up loosing it.
    • She thinks her brother is dead but hates herself for loosing him that day because she had fought with him that they and told him she hated him. She went crazy for a month after finding out her parents had died and her brothers but then found her brother and sister still leaved so she decided to look for them.
      | hobbies & activities | cooking, playing with her baby, reading, singing

    Ω questions you answer first person Ω
    are you a soldier of omega? a inhumnan survivor? or a normal human? or someone that escape? human
    what do you think about omega? They are dangerous and pretty scary. It's hard for me to fight against them because I don't have anything to protect myself.
    what do you think about the rebellion? I think they are doing good. I don't think anyone wants to be an Omega.
    do you have powers? if so what if? No. I'm just a simple human
    what do you think about the zombies? They are pretty darn scary. I'm afraid something could happen to me or my baby.
    what do you expect the world to end up like ?

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