a starman waiting in the sky

  • Requirements: (20)

    Story: (30)

    Bonus: (optional, but +10)

    Lennon closed her eyes and gripped the arm rests until her knuckles turned white as the Exodus hurtled toward Earth. She could vaguely comprehend that she was seated next to Daring Channing and Damian Black, but Lennon kept her mouth shut to avoid puking.

    With a final thud, the movement of the capsule ceased. Lennon opened her eyes and noticed her hair was oddly suspended vertically.... Crap. They were upside-down.

    Lennon carefully undid her seatbelt and used the strap to lower herself to the floor– er –ceiling of the Exodus. "Is everyone alright?" she called. Lennon could see Tony attending to someone, so she decided to see what was outside the capsule. The door had already been pried open.

    The light streaming through the door made her stop and think. She was about to be on Earth– a place she had only ever dreamed about! With a shout of joy, she stepped out of the Exodus and onto Earth.

    Trees! Grass! Mud! Flowers! Lennon found Earth to be everything she'd ever expected, plus more. She spent her first few minutes on terra firma looking around at the vegetation surrounding the capsule. But the weight of the wristband made her quickly remember why they were there.

    They were supposed to report back to the Ark if Earth was inhabitable. Their wristbands were their only form of communication. Her parents were on the Ark. They were relying on her.

    She went back to the front of the Exodus, determined to be a leader if no one else would. "Ok guys. We need a plan if we're going to survive."


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