What about Tomorrow|| Audition

  • Ω the basics aspects Ω
    | full name | Christopher Matthews
    | nicknames | Chris, Matthews
    | age | 23
    | birthday + sign | December 13, Sagittarius
    | nationality | American
    | sexual orientation | straight
    | relationship status | single, still in love with his ex
    | human or inhuman survivor, or soldier | INHUMAN SURVIVORS
    | powers [if you have some] | matter ingestion, gravitational manipulation, neurocogivite defisite
    | face claim | Dylan O'brien
    |Role of character | THE COUPLE

    Ω background | & family information aspect Ω
    | biography | Chris was born in a high class family where he didn't really need anything because of his parents. And though they would give him everything, he wouldn't ask for anything. He was the good child that didn't really care about the material stuff but about the people he loved. And though his parents wouldn't be around he still loved them. And when he his mom got his sister he couldn't be happier.
    He would take care of Jenny, his sister, whenever his parents would be out which was most of the time. He was really close to her and loved her so much. He tried to spend as much time with her as possible until she grew up. They started separating and constantly fighting a lot. Which was obvious because that's how siblings act. Of course, though he wouldn't say it, he did care about his sister and would still do anything for her. He then met the girl of his life. The one he would marry.
    He was happy to meet her and would do anything for her. Even when they fought, they would still be together. But his parents didn't really like the relationship. They thought he was too young to be planning weeding so they got angry at him. He regret fighting with them specially because a week after his mom had died being attacked by a zombie but he loved his girlfriend and his pride was bigger. He really wanted to marry her. Everything was perfect for those two until she got captured and became a soldier. The day he found out he became a soldier he promised himself he would take revenge on those who did that to her. He is still looking for her to help her go back to normal but is still planning on how he will do so.

    somewhat detail so we can get a good view of your character. [3 good paragraphs of 5 sentences each min]
    do it even if your character is a soldier
    | family name | The Matthews Family
    | parents | Chase and Claire Matthews (Deceased)
    | siblings | Jenny
    | birthplace | New York

    Ω appearance aspect Ω
    | height | 5'11
    | physical build | Athletic
    | hair color | dark brown
    | eye color | hazel
    | tattoos | none
    | scars | none
    | piercings | none
    | birthmarks | no
    | style | [boho, gothic, casual, etc] casual

    Ω personality aspect Ω
    | personality | loving, charming, sarcastic, stubborn, proud, helpful, loyal, honest, kind, funny, clumsy, nosy
    | quirks & habits | Bites his nails and his lip when he's nervous. He also likes to make his finger bones crack from time to time.
    | redeeming qualities | likes to help,he is pretty smart, he has a warm heart, if he loves someone he will do anything for him
    | fatal flaws | get's nervous pretty easily, is a bit aggressive when he is mad,he is always on the defensive, animals, guns, hamburgers, sleeping
    | likes | water, reading, taking notes of what he sees,
    | dislikes | fighting, omegas, solders, zombies, insects, too much sun, really cold days, being woken up
    | pet peeves | When girls don't act like ladies, People flirting with his girl (when he still had her), taking orders, doing too much exercise

    • He killed a human by accident, thinking it was someone mean.
    • He had hooked up with a girl before loosing his girlfriend. He fought with her that day and got drunk.
    • His parents and him fought with him because of the engagement with his girlfriend.
      | hobbies & activities |
      Writing, drawing, looking for his girlfriend.

    Ω questions you answer first person Ω
    are you a soldier of omega? a inhumnan survivor? or a normal human? or someone that escape?
    what do you think about omega? They are monsters created by a bigger monster.
    what do you think about the rebellion? mmm I don't know if i'm considered in the rebellion or not but I just know I hate Omegas and wish Emile could die
    do you have powers? if so what if? yes, matter ingestion, gravitational manipulation, neurocogivite defisite
    what do you think about the zombies? They are scary and hard to defeat. You have to be careful with them.
    what do you expect the world to end up like?

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