Behind the Camera|| Audition

  • x. name: Nicholas Gonzalez
    x. age: 23
    x. how are they famous? or job?: Actor from telenovelas and latin singer

    bio: Nicholas was born in Mexico from his parents: Lila and Joaquin Gonzalez. At the age of six he started featuring in commercials for kids. At the age of nine he was called to star at a telenovela for kids. He acted there for 3 years and then got involved in a latin reality for singers where he ended up being in second place. Nicholas had a bad boy image as he started growing up. They would know him as the heartbreaker, the guy who really didn't care about girls but he actually did when he did really like a girl. When he got to the US he started to get involved with the wrong people, all because he wasn't really doing so well in his fame. He wasn't getting any roles and wasn't being able to get any labels so he stayed in school, especially for latinos. Now not everyone was bad there but his friends where. So they would make him do really bad things like selling and comsuming it. They even killed someone in front of him. But as he started acting again he started getting a bit better. At the age of 19 he got involved in a reality similar to Jershey Shore which is why he still has a bad boy side of him and still acting in the reality.

    personality (can be bullet points)

    • friendly
    • outgoing
    • charming
    • flirtatious
    • proud
    • stingy

    x. three big secrets

    • when he moved to america he made a bad choice of friends and saw how one of them killed someone.
    • Because of his friends he started taking dr.ugs and started selling them.
      -He is being Sued for taking a similar beat from a Justin Bieber song

    [ face claim ] Diego Boneta

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