Behind the Camera|| Audition

  • x. name: Marina Johnson
    x. age: 21
    x. how are they famous? or job?: She's a songwriter/ singer and actress.

    bio: Marina's parents noticed she was a really talented little girl so when she was just five, they took her to Los Angeles to start getting involved in the whole acting scenario. She would star in commercials and would also do some small appearances in tv shows. But what she was the best at was at singing. She got a contract in a really famous label and started writing her own pop song. She started becoming really popular and many girls wanted to be like her and many boys wanted to date her. After her first boyfriend in fame, things started to change for Marina. Though she tries to be the perfect artist people will admire but behind all the things she does she has a wild and diva side of her. She doesn't like to loose and always likes to be the center of attention. She never had a serious relationship and tends to hook up with guys, that way she will not get hurt by anyone.But don't get her wrong. She is also really sweet and kind and a really good friend. She will stand up for you if you need someone.


    • sweet
    • friendly
    • honest
    • heart-breaker
    • revengeful
    • Manipulative
    • flirtatious
    • Jealous
    • Cold

    x. three big secrets

    • Has a small drinking problem
    • She hooks up with boys to write about them
    • She kissed several girls but says she is straight.

    [ face claim ] Taylor Swift

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