all my friends are wasted and i hate this club man i drink too much || IF

  • I wanted to use tons of my other less developed characters that had potential on being Insta famous, but then I remembered that I have a unhealthy obsession with Gigi Hadid and just went the other way.

    Basically she is this bisexual illustrator that was 'totally not' inspired from my Sims lesbian power couple that sadly died when my laptop needed to be formatted or whatever.

    I also may or may not use Kendall Jenner as her roommate and potential love interest -- Lana, a political savvy young woman who aspires to become the first GAY FEMALE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    Cheers to that.

    Nicknames : Angie, Satan, Blondie, Peaches....
    Birthday: June 6th 1994 (Gemini)
    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York City, New York
    Model : Gigi Hadid

    Personality : creative, clumsy, childish, ambitious, romantic, flamboyant, irresponsible, lazy, enthusiastic, extroverted, open-minded, flirty, forgetful, selfish from time to time, incredibly friendly, slightly promiscuous, shameless, impulsive, adventurous.
    Quirks +Habits +Mannerisms :
    ▪️ stacks dirty laundry on her 'work' chair and later complains how she has nothing to wear
    ▪️ forgets that she has eyeliner and rubs her eyes thus the reason why she always carries make-up with her
    ▪️ left handed
    ▪️ hands are constantly covered in paint
    ▪️ draws on her hands and legs when bored
    ▪️ incredibly affectionate and loves to hug people
    ▪️ always smiling even when she has a bad day
    ▪️ despite being an air-head is never late for a class and/or meeting
    ▪️ never makes her bed
    ▪️ often tends to refer to herself in the third person
    (e.g. 'Angela doesn't like when Lana yells at her')

    Likes: warm colors, Van Gogh aesthetic, reading glasses, bare shoulders, neck kisses, the beach, lace lingerie, nude photography and art, French cinema, breakfast food, fresh fruit, peaches, comic books, romance novels, children's books, mixing paint, diy things on Pintrest, walking around with bare feet, stripes, Twitter, indie music, music festivals, plaid shirts, running her fingers through her hair, floral perfumes, Victoria's Secret ads, Snapchat, Andy Warhol, puns, people who are comfortable in their own skin, sex, green tea, colorful clothing.
    Dislikes : muted colors, dull people, creative block, pretentious people, vegetables, hangovers, not being seen seriously, fancy dinner parties, politics, silence, white noise, people that throw things away, snobs, Donald Trump, sl-t shaming, internet hate, f-ckboys, dick pics in her dm, online dating.
    Style : bold and vibrant colors, slightly bohemian, but mainly casual.
    Occupation : college student; illustrator

    Bio : A native from Brooklyn, NYC, Angela has been present in the world of arts and crafts since a very young age and it was all due to her mother's artistic en devours. A semi-famous photographer, her mother worked for several New York based magazines and introduced both Angela and her older sister Willa to the world of art. Unlike her sister who decided to pursue art as more of a hobby, Angela eagerly strives to make a name of herself as an artist and thus began posting her creations on sites such as DeviantArt, Tumblr and later Instagram.
    Her bright and vivid drawings of everyday life, along with her short comic #JustGirlThings helped her get the recognition she wanted and somehow made her an Instagram sensation. Sadly, less and less photos of her artistic achievements are being liked, but that doesn't mean that people aren't fans of her face (and body for that matter).
    Angela dislikes being treated like a sexual object and considers people's obsession with her sexual life disgusting. But that doesn't stop her from reaching her goal and continuing to support the LGBT movement and feminism.

    Important Relationships:

    -- a type A lesbian with great ambitions and slightly neurotic. found Angela on Craig's List and now they are roommates.
    FC: Kendall Jenner

    -- Angela's current love interest (not for long most likely). A hipster from Brooklyn that takes his guitar everywhere, plays in coffee shops and cares about the environment.
    FC: Oscar Isaac

    Faves :
    ▪️ Song: Life on Mars // David Bowie
    ▪️ Colour: Orange
    ▪️ Possession : a small silver ring her mom gave to her when she turned sixteen
    ▪️ Food : peaches
    ▪️ Pizza : Hawaiian

    Social Media Accounts:
    ▪️ Instagram -- arthoeism (282k)
    ▪️ Twitter -- Angela Owens -- trashyangel (14.1k)
    ▪️ Tumblr -- arthoeism (234k)
    ▪️ Snapchat -- trashyangel

    Is there a theme to that can be seen on your instagram : Very aesthetically pleasing with a mostly white background and a pop of warm colors every now and then. Often posts selfies, photos of her art and latest projects as well as food and drinks.
    Most used emoji: the high five emoji that we all thought it was the preach emoji.
    Fave hashtag: #art
    A Insta -Set featuring your character most popular posts over the past year.

    Writing Sample:


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