"we need a plan!"

  • ☽ THE SAGA ☾ Caelin Tala'myr

    ✧ EPISODE IV: A New Hope

    1. Conducting a rescue mission / Stopping a rescue mission

    I'm going to venture a guess and say Caelin, Kaal, Han Solo, & Chewie (and maybe Luke is tagging along too?) are stopped by the Empire while aboard the Millennium Falcon. Kaal ends up being captured and is taken to the base while Luke, Han, Chewie, and Caelin are able to escape. They plot an elaborate rescue mission (much to Caelin's insistence that they just "attack the Empire") and manage to get Kaal back, and also get an Alderaanian Princess to join their #squad too.

    Also, rescue missions obviously require wearing sleek black leather, which is why Caelin is in this, and not her typical desert garb.

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