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  • 03/03/2016

    The power had been out for almost whole two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) and I now know what being Amish really feels like.

    Like, the power goes out due to some technical things I am not knowledgeable about and Leo forgets his Oscar in a restaurant.

    And I swear, in that moment, Leo was all of us and we were all Leo.

    So let's do a recap of things you've guys missed.

    My cold is almost gone, despite the fact that I had a major nosebleed during the middle of a lecture on Tuesday and had to spend whole fifteen minutes in the bathroom trying not to bleed to death because sinuses.

    After I went to see Deadpool with my boyfriend and it was basically the best movie date ever and the movie was SO GOOD and I laughed the entire time and then I went home and the power was out.


    I spent almost the entire Wednesday on college and then at my grandparents' where I mostly wrote, but didn't really finish anything. Might do that right after I finish this.

    I officially began studying from today despite having my exams start on the 28th March. I want to get an early start without procrastination and all that shite I am prone to because I don't plan on spending the entire summer studying for make up tests in August.

    And that's it.
    drops the mic

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