Some small group roleplays I was thinking of doing

  • -Nine lives of chloe King/ Teen wolf
    Ok so basically it would be a teen wolf thing (On Beacon hills) with werewolves, banshees, Kanimas, Kitsunes, etc. but no vampires. And there would be hunters and humans as well
    and there will also be part-human Mai, having an order (Human Assassins to kill the Mai) and maybe also some part-human jackals.

    -Niñas Mal based roleplay
    So this is one I had done before and would like to do it again but this time make it smaller and I was thinking about making it with premade. Well it's based on this movie and telenovela mexicana where girls are on a small institution to become 'ladies' So most characters will be girls but some will have boys.

    -skins roleplay
    well yeah, it would be another generation of skin and some characters could be related to the cast?

    -Degrassi/ Glee roleplay
    I have this group already but I would like to make it active again and maybe add it with Glee? having a Glee club and a theater club but focus more on the Glee club.
    or just make a separate small Glee roleplay group

    Underemployed/ rent/ the L.A complex
    (this could also be three separate groups)

    So it would be sort of like a small group of friends living in the same roof trying to survive L.A with their really bad work because they couldn't really achieve their dream work.(some don't even work) Maybe some do but they are still trying hard to maintain that work.

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