"you might make me a better man." "and you might make me a monster."

  • Because @/semper-eadem's beautiful Grisha OC (http://www.polyvore.com/let_it_burn/set?id=192291831) inspired me to make one, too.

    And if you aren't sure what a Grisha is, pick up 'Shadow and Bone' by Leigh Bardugo because it's an excellent book and more people need to be aware of it 😉

    Also, one last note, keftas are beautiful but are near IMPOSSIBLE to make. I was at two hours (TWO HOURS!!) of attempting to make one, only to realize I made it in the wrong color for my Grisha, and then had to start over. Oops. (But actually, she's still not exactly in the right colors--grey is very hard to find, so black was substituted. Oh well!)

    Anyways, I think it'd be badass to be a Heartrender, but realistically, I'm a Healer (Haha. Get it?). Buuut, I digress. So, this is my Grisha OC, Lilya Vasilyev. She's a Corporalki Healer of the Second Army. In fact, she's The Darkling's personal Healer, and is the one that has to tend to any injuries he gets. Saving people is kind of her thing, but she struggles with the guilt of constantly saving such a cruel person. But hey, the job recognition is pretty decent and it pays well to be on the good side of such a powerful ally so she won't complain. She's very stubborn, vanity is her weakness, she loves to trick people out of their money in a game of cards, is full of Ravkan pride (her right hand is covered in a tattoo of the map of Ravka), and has a nifty little raven's claw amplifier in the form of a ring that she wears constantly (among many other rings, too...she can be a bit of a klepto). Lilya has a twin brother who is a Heartrender--a terrible, cruel man and a personal guard of The Darkling.

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