• i started this in my drafts like early twenty-fourteen and i finally decided to finish it last week and then i decided to actually post it tonight, so here we are
    if i had the superb chance to actually own these clothes then this is what i would wear in a week

    SUNDAY | something light and airy because sunday is a "fun" day but it's also a relaxation/lazy day (for me anyway)

    MONDAY | something that shows 'i really don't care (but i do)" graphic tee and a cute skirt? yes please

    TUESDAY | when the week ACTUALLY starts (lol) i like matching knee highs to something subtle in the outfit (90s trend)

    WEDNESDAY | the middle of the week is always the day i like to dress a tad different (either in the way of something you normally wouldn't wear or just in the way of putting things that don't normally work and making them work - with confidence)

    THURSDAY | something simple but cute. like "i am just trying to get through the week, stop showing me your instagram" (what? k)

    FRIDAY | the weekend is finally here! dress however you want!! celebrate!!!!!! good times!! sometimes you can dress "freely" at work or at school. i like to do this and show how eager i am for the weekend

    SATURDAY | the day before sunday, the day where you try to fit every fun thing into 24 (or really 14) hours. enjoy!


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