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  • Name: Alyssa Larkin. Goes by Larkin
    Age: 17
    Gender: Chick
    Grade: Junior
    FC: Xenia Tchoumitcheva (probs not spelled right)

    History: Larkin was born to a family of fighters. Verbal, physical, emotional, she was surrounded by contempt throughout her whole childhood. That was until the state found out three years ago.
    It started with the school, a sports coach catching a glimpse of her bruised back. When confronted, she said she fell down the stairs. Two days later, social services showed up. Within a month, Larkin and her siblings were separated, she was just lucky enough to land at her aunt's house. High school from there on was miserable. Larkin was the rude, quiet girl with a serious glare and a sharp tongue. She didn't willingly talk to people very often, and refused to answer when teachers called on her in class.
    Basically, Larkin has issues with trusting people. She also has issues with people existing in general.
    Personality: Distant, cold, reserved, intelligent, witty, sassy, bitter, constantly tired, low self-confidence.

    Secrets: Her parents and childhood, the abuse.
    (immediate family not included)
    Maria Larkin - aunt
    Cassandra Joseph - aunt's girlfriend
    Clara Joseph-Larkin - their child - 7

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