☽ ♔live simply so others can simply live // TOP ART SET

  • ☽set type: art
    ☽date: 2-29-16
    ☽time: 2:27 pm
    ☽lyrics: im talking to my own reflection
    ☽sotd: Reflection || 5th Harmony
    ☽cots: purple black grey
    ☽aotd: @eveebaptiste set inspiration
    ☽tags: #lilylove #lilianasart #endlxsstopsets

    trying something out. Do you guys like this?

    Whoever guesses who the person I made is gets a shoutout! (its very obvious)
    The Person in this set is Matthew Espinosa. Duh.
    S/o to @cuckookiki and @rosslynch-1145

    Comment your thoughts on these types of sets and who the person is.

    Taglist - http://www.polyvore.com/taglist/set?id=186497620&m=upsell
    Requests - coming soon 😉

    ↣ ιи му ∂яєαмѕ вαвєѕ ↢

    much love,
    Liliana xoxo

    @polyvore @polyvore-editorial

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