• *Wizard’s Name: Fawn Aberdeen
    *Age: 17
    *Year: 7
    Prefect (Sixth Years Only):
    Head Girl/Boy (Seventh Years Only): No
    *Quiddicth (Y/N): Yes
    Position: Seeker
    Captain (Y/N): No
    *Blood Status: Half-blood
    *Family Members: Father is a muggle, mother is a witch. Grandfather (on father's side was wizard)
    Friends: Luna Lovegood and most of her classmates (some in other houses as her)
    Favorite Teacher: Sybill Trelawney (Divination)
    Favorite Flavor: Mint
    Favorite Superpower: Telekinesis (Mind reading)
    Favorite Quote: "In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back"
    Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice
    Favorite Subject: History of Muggles & Herbology
    Favorite Creature/Monster: Doxy
    Least Favorite Place: Whomping Willow
    Least Favorite Food: Vegetables
    Least Favorite Class: Potions
    Least Favorite Spell: Slug-vomitting curse
    Future Career: Librarian

    There are only a little over ten spots left for this Harry Potter Battle group and if you like both of those things (Harry Potter and battle groups) then you should totally join. It's tons of fun!!

    Tag me / @GraceEliza21

    Tag group / #hogwartsbattleroyale

    Tag 7 people that might be interested /
    @angelaaaaaaaa @metacrisisten @captainamericanfan @holly-the-fangirl @elliebonjelly @ladytwice @the-forgotten-wolf

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