50 Shades Of Purple #ClassyForACure

  • "Hey everybody! I'm a supporter of the #ClassyForACure campaign to raise awareness for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder that causes chronic pain, frequent subluxations and dislocations and a slew of other medical problems. My friend @ladylokia suffers from this condition and needs our help to get people to realize this is a real disease and that they are suffering! There is no treatment. No cure. And no research. People don't even know what this disease is.
    Here are the rules:
    -make a classy set

    • use the tag #ClassyForACure in the description
    • tag at least 10 people (if you can)
      [ @abriellekitty @brooklynbeauty18 @luckylynn-cdii @preppy-southern-hipster-girl @emo-kyleigh @emo-oreo-cookie @lilyayresrose @creative-with-fashion @floridaflower11 @dayz-xoxo ]
    • please tag @ladylokia so she can see all your lovely sets!
    • add all of this in description
    • (optional but encouraged) every Wednesday dress classy and when people ask you what you're dressed up for say "Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness! You should join me!"
      Please join us in our shouting from the rooftops to be heard over the chaos that is this world! Together we can end the suffering! Together we can help these people be treated as people and not circus freaks. Together, we can be the light in the darkness. So let's light this world up!"

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