Westwood Academy|| Audition

  • -- made on; February 28, 2016
    -- type; Audition set
    -- group; Westwood academy
    -- title; Westwood academy audition
    -- character[s]; Boy's audition

    [ B A S I C S. ]
    name || Nicholas Matthews
    preferred name(s) || Nick, Nico or Matthews Matt.
    age || eighteen
    dob and zodiac || December 13, Sagittarius
    pob || Chile
    hometown || Santiago
    accent || Latino
    sexual orientation || Straight (but when he is drunk he does make out with guys)
    class || low
    occupation || Press (internship)
    instagram name || NicoRocklml

    [ S C H O O L. ]
    grade || Senior
    gpa || 3.0
    transfer? || no, but wants to take some classes of design (photography and illustration)
    [primary] area of focus || Performance
    concentration || string and voice (tenor)
    [secondary] area of focus || composition
    concentration || n/a

    bio ||Nicolas was born in santiago, Chile from his parents Michael Matthews and Maria Sanchez. He was known, since little, from his good looks and his amazing talent with music. Since he was a toddler he would sing or smash the table with his hands as if he were playing the drums. Growing up he started participating on musicals and in contest where he would be in first place in most of them but from school. When he turned 11 his parents divorced, after finding out his mother was having an affair with a lady. He didn't really like the idea of his mom cheating on his father but in her defense, his father was an abusive guy when he would get drunk. The good thing about it is that he went from low class to medium. And though Nicholas hated his father he couldn't stand cheaters. so when his mother dated the girl he decided to become a player, hook up with girls and sometimes with boys. He didn't want to be in a relationship and if he did, it wouldn't last long. The only person he didn't try anything was with his step sister, who, he grew love and always tried to protect her. When they moved to the U.S Nicholas had decided to study in westwood but only if his step sister went with him so after she accepted they both went to study there.

    [ P E R S O N A L I T Y. ]
    traits || Nico is those typical CHARMING guys who likes to FLIRT and hit on girls. He doesn't really believe in love and is a HEARTBREAKER and HOMEWRECKER. If he likes a girl he wouldn't mind getting involved in a relationship to hook up with her. He might seem COLD and MEAN but it's just his appearance. If you get to meet him better you can find out he is actually a really NICE guy. He is really FRIENDLY and KIND. He is really PROTECTIVE and CARING of his friends and family and would do anything for them. He can be a tad SARCASTIC and STUBBORN not to forget PROUD and EGOCENTRIC. But he is a really GOOD FRIENDS.
    likes || singing, playing guitar, skateboarding, sleeping, watching tv, playing video games, sweets, sugar, hamburgers, photography, graffiti
    dislikes || easy girls. fakes, bullies, boring people, judgmental people, regueton, cumbia, not being able to take a nap
    strengths || singing, artistic stuff, talking to girls
    weaknesses || girls, junk food, his bed, heights
    fears || heights, not being able to love,loosing her mother
    desires || being a well known artist, getting to meet a perfect girl he will marry
    secrets || He kisses guys when he is drunk
    He would swindle people in games to get money
    talents || Acting, singing, dancing Latin music, learning how to play instruments
    quirks and habits || when he listens to music he tends to act as if he were playing the instrument, bites his lips or licks his lips when checking out, plays with his pens and pencils when he is blank and doesn't know what to write

    [ A P P E A R A N C E. ]
    faceclaim || Diego Boneta
    voiceclaim || His own voice
    height and weight || 5'9 and 152 pounds
    hair color || Brown
    eye color || green
    tattoos or piercings || n/a
    scars/birthmarks || n/a
    plastic surgery || n/a
    any health issues || n/a
    any mental issues || anger issues

    [ O T H E R. ]

    [ O P T I O N A L. ]
    wardrobe ||
    moodboard + playlist || (later)
    home collection ||
    anything else || (family collection)

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