Westwood Academy|| Audition

  • -- made on; February 28, 2016
    -- type; audition set
    -- group; Westwood academy
    -- title; Westwood academy|| audition
    -- character[s]; Fiona Winchester

    [ B A S I C S. ]
    name ||Elizabeth Fiona Winchester
    preferred name(s) || Effy, Liz or Fiona
    age || seventeen
    dob and zodiac || February 8 Aquarius
    pob || Chile
    hometown || Santiago
    accent || Latino
    sexual orientation ||bisexual (goes more toward boys)
    class ||medium
    occupation || Works at a small cafe making coffee and baking
    instagram name || Onemoredancerdreamer

    [ S C H O O L. ]
    grade || Junior
    gpa || 3.7- 4.0
    transfer? || no
    [primary] area of focus || Classic Ballet
    concentration || pointe
    [secondary] area of focus || Ballroom
    concentration || Latin- modern

    bio || Effy was born by her parents James Winchester and Micaela Gonzales. Her mom was a dance teacher while her father worked as a business man selling cars and running for Major on Chile. Since little, her parents got her into dancing. She would live and breath ballet and would practice all the time. And though she was in school, she wouldn't do so well there. She was an average student who wouldn't get bad grades but she wasn't close of being an honor student. Her mother had decided to get divorced when Effy had just turned ten, after finding out her husband had an affair with his assistant. Though the father still tried to keep Effy's love with money, Effy couldn't help but feel anger toward her father. She went from an upper class to a medium after moving with her mom. Though her father is always sending her money. Her mother then decided to date ladies, which was confusing for Effy but at the same time she couldn't deny she was like her mom that way. Her mother had decided to move to the US after two months of dating her future wife and with Effy, they moved to their new place. They heard about Westwood where they decided to put Effy, in order to study there, with her step brother who she loves and admires.

    [ P E R S O N A L I T Y. ]
    traits || FIona is one of the NICEST girls you could ever meet. She is LOYAL, HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY. She can be pretty SENSITIVE and can be really soft. But don't get her wrong, that's how she is in the inside but in the outside she tries to be COLD and TOUGH. She can be really B.TCHY and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks of you. She is really WITTY and SARCASTIC and will pretend nothing really hurts her. She is really QUIET at first and doesn't talk to anyone when she is doing what she loves and takes stuff too serous. She can be really STUBBORN and PROUD and will never accept she is wrong. But she is a really GOOD FRIEND and if you need a laugh she will be there for you to put a smile on your face.
    likes|| Coffee, chocolate, comedy, reading, writing, singing, drawing, rainy days, sleeping, girls, boys, sweet alcoholi.c drinks, boys who have tattoos or that smoke, her friends, animals
    dislikes || Scary movies, insects (except butterflies and ladybugs), bullies, liars (though she does lie at times), fakes, smoking (though she does it at times when nervous), dru.gs (she tried it), strong alcohol.ic drinks, people criticizing her, being woken up, snobs
    strengths || dancing, drawing singing, artistic stuff
    weaknesses || Being called pretty, chocolate, math, making friends
    fears || failure, people judging her, spiders, heights, darkness
    desires || - wants to be a professional dancer when growing up and dance on Broadway.
    secrets || She had a girlfriend who she dated secret but they ended up breaking up in an awful way.
    She used to take pills to stay skinny and was bulimic
    talents || sings, dance and is a really good artist (draws and paints)
    quirks and habits || bites her lips when nervous, she plays with her hair. Like to stretch and make her bones from her feet sound, Dances and sings when she listens to a song she likes.

    [ A P P E A R A N C E. ]
    faceclaim || Dena Kaplan
    voiceclaim || Ariana Grande
    height and weight || 5'3
    hair color || Dark Brown
    eye color || Dark Brown
    tattoos or piercings || ears, belly piercing
    scars/birthmarks || has some scars on her wrists and one on her chest after heart surgery
    plastic surgery || n/a
    any health issues || had heart problems
    any mental issues || depression and anxiety

    [ O T H E R. ]

    [ O P T I O N A L. ]
    wardrobe || later
    moodboard + playlist || later
    home collection ||
    anything else || (family collection)

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