Serenity|| Audition

  • name: Nicolas Matias Villegas

    age: 25

    ethnicity: Latino

    birthplace: Chile

    personality: +charming, loyal, caring, funny, smart, protective, adventurous, out going
    -aloof, proud, stubborn, stingy, bad- tempered, Egocentric, inpatient, flirtatious, not committed

    biography: Nicolás was born a hot summer day from his parents: Melissa and Pablo Villegas. Since little he've always liked to take risks and adventures. He would like to have fun and know new things. He was also really good at making friends, which was different from his sister. And after turning fifteen he started to become a lady killer. He loved being around girls and flirt but wouldn't get into serious things with them.
    The only girl he had fallen for was taken and he knew he couldn't have her. She was his best friend's girlfriend and he knew there couldn't be anything between them but she would still flirt with him and he would correspond. They stopped after almost sleeping together and promised not to ever talk about it. After her he kind of gave up in love. He didn't want to get in solve with them if it meant risking his friendships.
    Though he sounds somewhat mean he is also really caring. He cares about his family and friends the most and would do anything for them. He is really close to Diana and is always watching out for her. After finding out they were moving he was happy specially for his sister, so she could make a new life there. But he didn't want to leave all his friends behind. But he knows he can go visit all sometime.

    secrets: He hit on his best Friend's girlfriend
    He took someone to the hospital after the guy hurt his sister.
    He kissed a guy in a party while being drunk

    face-claim: Evan Peters

    name: Diana Adela Villegas 'Divi'
    age: 19

    ethnicity: Latina

    birthplace: Chile

    personality: + kind, independant, funny,witty, open minded, creative, artistic, honest, loyal.

    • sarcastic, clumsy, stubborn, cantankerous, phony, double face, quick tempered, cold

    biography: Diana Adela Villegas was born a cold February night from her parents: Melissa and Pablo Villegas. Since she was little she would do stuff by herself and wouldn't have many friends. Her mom was worried about her because she would only have one or two friends only. Things wouldn't really change as she got older. She would hang out with her only two best friends (a boy and a girl). She wouldn't talk to anyone else but her.
    When she turned fifteen she had her first boyfriend. He was one of the few guys who she talked to and it was because of a school project. He had fallen for her because she wasnt actually mean but really shy. She would be cold at first but as the months passed she started falling heads over heels for him. But when they were supposed to do it she freaked and left. Of course, he acted as if nothing happened but broke up with her which broke her heart and made her get colder than usual.
    She was diagnosed with depression and anxiety as well as social anxiety. She also never liked talking to people thinking they would make fun of her or judge her at what she would say. She started falling for a girl after going to one of those therapy group meaning. But she never had the courage to tell the girl how she felt. And when she was going to tell her, her parents told her she had to move to Hawaii. Now she can start her life over again but she is insecure of something new; being judged by her way of speaking.

    secrets: coming from a catholic family she has to keep a secret about liking girls
    She hasn't lost her v-card. She was about to do it but freaked out.
    She is terrified with heights and can even go on top of small tables thinking she will fall.

    face-claim: Cristine Prosperi

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