How to delete duplicated items?

  • Art Expression

    I have been able to add some itens, but sometimes i try a couple of times and i get the info that the item has been saved, but then it does not appear on items page (even after refresh, cleared cache..). Well this has been maybe a problem for other users as well (but probably it might be fixed soon i hope).
    Anyway, why i wrote this topic it is because today some of the itens i tried to add these last days and i couldnt, suddenly appeared today on my items page, but duplicated. I wanted to delete some of the duplicated items but i don't know how. Does anybody knows how to do this?

  • I don't think there's a way to delete items as of yet. I know what you mean though, I uploaded the same choker 3 times lmao

  • Fashion Queen

    It is important to have this possibility
    And "organize items" would be fantastic-

  • @dgia They said in the next big update, they'll be implementing an item organizer.

  • @dgia I hope deleting double items will soon be able to. I've also got double items and it is because I thought they hadn't come through. There was a glitch yesterday as urstyle was upgrading the site, so no wonder things didn't work out. Also urstyle has many duplicate ( sometimes several times ) items in their lists to choose from. It would tidy up clogging.
    An organise button will eventually come I think, so we can search faster through our stuff as now you've got a lot of scrolling down to do to find them especially when you have a lot of items.

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